By Charlotte Mandel
ISBN 13-978-1-947465-10-7, 104 pages, $17.00
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"Charlotte Mandel’s humane and lyrical vision is exuberant with image after surprising image, each one as precise as mathematics—incontrovertible, as if foretold.”
— Cynthia Ozick

"Such exquisite poetry and passionate vision as are found in Charlotte Mandel’s new collection, To Be the Daylight, take a lifetime to achieve. To Be the Daylight shines with the light of this marvelous poet’s generous wisdom!“
Cynthia Hogue, author of In June the Labyrinth

"Charlotte Mandel likes to mix it up. She makes happy bedfellows of love and science, mingles the historical with the personal, and celebrates birth and babies as she contemplates death. She's also equally comfortable with traditional and contemporary forms. Sonnets and sonnet crowns, rimas dissolutas, and rhymed quatrains reside amiably alongside poems in free verse — skinny poems, fat prose poems, and poems without punctuation. Whether we are back in Coney Island, Ebbets Field, or a Brooklyn post office, whether we are confronted with the body's betrayals or its blessings, its persistence, its ability to keep on ticking, we are always aware that this is a poet who has earned her place amoung poets, who knows what she's doing and does it exceptionally well."
Diane Lockward, editor of
The Crafty Poet II: A Portable Workshop

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Winner of the 2012 NEW JERSEY POETS PRIZE
Charlotte Mandel

Photograph by Carol Nolde